Lil Engine is a gold nugget that aspires to be a diamond. We practice open source, equal opportunity and community engagement. We are web consultants, trainers, architects and culture builders, with a hefty emphasis on Drupal.

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Training & Mentoring

We can cater to any Drupal training needs your organisation has. We have engineers who have trained Drupal 6, 7 and 8, in formal and one-on-one scenarios. We also provide training and mentoring support for tools and services like Composer, Behat, Acquia and setup - stop wondering about these tools, and make them work for you.

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Drupal 8 Site Building

We love Drupal and site building, especially Drupal 8. We specialise in content modelling with Paragraphs, wired up to components crafted with Pattern Lab. We've done all this on Acquia,, govCMS and custom hosting. If you want to get your Drupal 8 site off to the best start, talk to us about our Drupal team services.

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Specialist consulting

Our lead consultant Simon Hobbs has 12 years of experience with Drupal and web strategy. He works hands-on with the government and private sector. Recent successes include 22 Drupal sites for Football Australia, and WorkSafe Vic's Drupal Content API, which supports multiple VueJS applications. 

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How to fix usage of {{value|raw}}

Si Hobbs


You found a |raw in a Drupal twig file? Here's a quick fix, and why it's important.

css box model

Box model trong CSS là gì?

Feb Dao


Hãy tưởng tượng trang web của bạn là 1 phòng khách và thì mỗi phần tử của trang là một đồ vật trong phòng thì box-model chính là khoảng chiếm không gian của đồ vật trong phòng của bạn

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Migrating to

Campbell Tilley


If you have an existing site, that you've been working on locally or were hosting elsewhere, this article will take you through the steps required to migrate your site to