Optimal set up for ordering coffees in Square



From personal experience, I know setting up a coffee to have all the required options for customers in square can sometimes be a frustrating and time consuming task, so, in this article you will learn how to set up a coffee menu for Square Restraunt Plus in an effiicient and simple way.

This article is assuming you know how to create items, variants and modifier sets in square, and you are looking for the most painless way to configure your coffees items for a simple ordering system for customers and employees.

First things first, Coffee size variants.

For this article, ill be using the example of a flat white, although this is applicable to all coffees. When ordering a coffee, after deciding what kind of coffee they would like, the customer will almost always decide the size of their coffee straight after. To make this easy for our baristas and customers, we have set up three variants, differing in price by fifty cents either side, for small, regular and large coffees. Using the variant option is much more practical than creating a modifier set for sizes.



Creating modifier sets for different milks and syrups etc.

Once you have set up sizes, assuming your cafe offers different kinds of milks, syrups and extra shots and so forth, the best approach for incorporating this to your ordering process is modifier sets. The reasoning for this is that if customers want to stack multiple selections, e.g. A decaf Hazelnut almond latte, they are free to do this using modifiers, in comparrison to variants, which only give you the ability to choose one option. Whereas, coffee sizes do not need to be stacked, making them ideal variant options. So in your Square, navigate to the modifier tab, and create two new modifier sets, Milk and Coffee extras (or whatever name you decide on).


Here is what the pricing looks like for our Cafe, which you will obviously match to your prices.



The ordering process.

once your size variants are created, and modifiers applied to all relevant coffee items, its time to test your new, efficient and sleek coffee ordering process.


With any luck your ordering process will look similiar to what ive just demonstrated on our POS ipad, and will give you, your customers, and your employees ease of life when it comes to ordering the most frequently purchased item of cafes, a good cup of coffee.

Thanks for reading =D 


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