Pop-Ups in Square



Square has wonderful features which makes a new business grow easily in a short span of time and its Pop-Up feature makes it easy to notify customers about any sudden changes or new announcements.

Square is a great platform for small, medium and big businesses as it offers reliability and flexibility to set up your business in such a way that becomes easily accessible online. Square offers very flexible plans that suit your business needs and one can choose a plan based on the size of your business. Two main examples of Square plans are:

  • Square for Retail 
  • Square for Restaurants

Square has many features based on the plans which makes it easy to present your business online to the customers and it gives us the ability to make our own website which can be customised according to our business ideas. The product’s representation is totally customised which includes pictures, price, description of the product, and many more things.

In this article, I am going to explain about making a pop-up for Square online website which can be done easily and we can make our customers aware about any sudden changes or if we have new offers for them. Below are steps to do this task:

  1. Sign Into your Square Account using, which will present the Square Dashboard.


  1. On this screen, navigate to Online tab by clicking on it, this will present the following screen



On this screen, you can see Communications in the side pane, click on the expansion arrow and it will show the options under it which includes Pop-Ups.


  1. Click on the Pop-Ups, it will present us the following page;


On this page, we can manage different pop-ups such as, we can make a coupon for discounts, collect emails, or make an announcement. For simple pop-up or an announcement.


  1. We can make a simple pop-up for announcing new store opening hours for a specific time and customise the pop-up. To do this, click on Build an announcement, this will open the following;


From this screen, we can choose different styles for our Pop-Up, the above is just an example. We can choose different fonts for each section and customise the colours to suit our business needs. It gives us a chance to test our Pop-Up on Desktop as well as Mobile screen before publishing it. We can manage the timing, frequency of Pop-Up, and can impose stopping conditions or set duration to display the pop-up only for a specific time.

After finishing customisation, you can save the Pop-Up as a draft or can directly publish it on your website. It is really easy and an amazing way to make your Square online website more presentable and productive at the same time.


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