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Square has an amazing collection of hardware to present your business in a professional manner. You can choose your display according to your ideal needs and connect everything at one place to make everything easy for your customers and staff.

Square offers a bunch of options to choose the hardware that suits your business. Although you can take online or in-store payments, it is entirely your choice to choose your hardware to process the payments. Here are your options for Square hardware:

The Square Register:  

The Square Register is a great tool to have everything on your screen and the smaller screen is for the customer to see what they are paying for and to make the payment. They can tap or insert their card to make the payment. Contactless payments are just a plus for this accessory. 

This makes your countertop more manageable and allows you more space to place special products or display items on the countertop. The touchscreen makes your work faster and easier. 

The Square Stand:

Square stand is capable of managing your point of sale and accepting payments. As it's shown, it accepts contactless, tap and insert card payments. The screen layout is just suitable and gives you enough display of your products and doesn’t crowd everything. Square Stand has a customer-driven checkout and built-in card readers with guiding LED lights, so the customer can confirm their order and pay.

The Square Reader:

Square Reader is among the fastest out there when it comes to processing contactless payments. Let your customers tap and go, and keep your line moving fast. You can connect the reader wirelessly to your Apple or Android device via Bluetooth LE (no need for a headset jack). Fire up the free Square point-of-sale app and you’re ready to take payments anywhere.


The Square Terminal:

Square terminal is an EFTPOS machine for accepting payments and printing receipts. Like other payment tools, it accepts contactless, card tap or insert payments, but it provides you an option to print paper receipts. You don't need any training to use it, follow the instructions displayed upon turning it on and you can set it up quickly. 

You can use any of these equipment based on your business needs. If you are just starting to use Square and are not sure which tool to use or if you have set up everything using your own device, you can use only Square Reader to accept payments or accept online payments. After having a hold of the system, you can buy other Square accessories to have more professional space.

The Square Kit includes Square Register, USB Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer which is great to get started. If you want to have a professional display then this kit is an excellent choice to start with. 

Moreover, Square Stand and Square Reader is a complete solution for your checkout.So, square doesn’t restrict you from using only assigned tools, you always have your own decision to manage your business based on your professional requirements.

For more information and pricing about Square Hardware, you can visit  here.

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