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It is very important that you have a website which is easy to navigate and at the same time it is delivering the desired purpose for your business. A website should let your customers understand the process of purchasing your products and making secure payment.

 Square gives you an opportunity to set up your Point of Sale and have an Online Store or Online Ordering Site which is very customer friendly. You can customise your website based on your business colours and requirements. You can upload your company logo, use your desired font style and colours. 

You can add as much as information you want to display on your website. You have options to choose your layout and you can make any changes at any time. You can place your Location information, your store operating hours, social media icons which can be connected to your social media sites. 

You can add products in terms of categories to design your website more accordingly which is great for customer understanding and navigation. For example, you have a food ordering site and you add your products in different categories such as Drinks, Smoothies, Coffee, Food, etc which tells your customer in which category they can find the product they are looking for. Another example can be an electronics ordering site on which you can see categories like Mobile, TV, Laptops, Kitchen accessories, etc.

For making your website more presentable, you can add images of products and a description of the product. You can add pages or different sections to your website and it is entirely optional but is an extra feature to use if you like. Moreover, payment options are a valuable aspect of any online store and Square accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, AfterPay which is good from a customer perspective. The payments are highly secured and all the data is encrypted.

Customers have the option to choose pickup or delivery. They can place their order at any time and then select their preferred time or day for pickup or delivery. They can use gift cards, discounts or coupons if the business accepts any.

Moreover, you can always customise your products, categories, layouts and design of your online ordering store. You can inform your customers about special occasions or make announcements which display as pop-ups, gift cards, coupons etc which can be displayed at the website entrance or exit, and you can display it for a desired time range or a specific time period. Adding a Call to Action button and directing it to a certain page on your website is relatively easy.

If you have any problems with managing your Square POS System or Online Store, you can reach Square Community based on your location or hire an expert to increase your business growth. Square offers so many possibilities to present your business to your customers and you must make the most of it.  


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