Square set up for Business



Lets have a look at Plumb's Square system and how they are using it everyday to achieve their Cafe goals for a successful business.

Lil Engine is providing the service to set up Square for small and midsize businesses as per their business requirements. We have set up Square for business for Plumb Cafe & Eatery. Plumb has an Online Ordering site which is organised with Square. Plumb uses Square for Restaurant and Square for Retail to manage everyday operations. It has made it so easy for the Cafe Team to sort out everything at one place. 

Lil Engine has connected Plumb’s Square Online Ordering website with the main Cafe website, and it is efficient to navigate from one site to the other. We have set up all the devices in the cafe for receiving or taking orders, taking payments online or in-store, and to modify anything as a quick change. 

Moreover, the team at Plumb finds it so easy and efficient to use Square for their business. The cafe team is using the Square Team app to manage their shifts, schedule, time off, etc. They don’t need any specialised knowledge to use the Square Point of Sale and Team app to carry out routine operations in the Cafe. Even for the Cafe Owner or Manager, it is an extremely straightforward process to manage their Square dashboard, add/delete/modify items to the Item Inventory, manage Shifts, accept payments, keep track of everything, etc.   

Square has so much to offer a business and one can utilise it in many different ways. We are maintaining all the functionality for Plumb Square System and customise the website elements as per the business requirements on a daily basis. 

If you have an existing business or opening one and are looking for a reliable business solution, you must check out Square and if you need any more information or assistance with setting up Square for your business, you can Get in Touch with us anytime. We would be very happy to answer your queries and set up Square based on your requirements.

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