Team Management with Square



Team Management is an integral part of a business for effective day-to-day operations. No matter whether it's a small business or large, every business has to manage its team efficiently. Square has sorted out team management for in an easy and effective way just using your Square dashboard.

I will explain this process with the images to have a clear visualisation. Below is the detailed explanation for managing your team all in one place on Square:


  1. Login to your Square dashboard.  
  2. You will see the below screen. Click the Team option in the sidebar as shown below with the help of an arrow


  1. This will present you with the following screen and you can add a team member by clicking on “+ Team member”. But you have to create permission set (discussed at step 6) to allocate desired access to your team members based on their job positions before adding them and it makes the process easy. 



  1. After “+ Team member” you will be presented with the following screen where you can add all the basic and essential information about your team member according to your business and give them access to the system by allocating the specific permission set after clicking Continue. 



  1. In this way, you can add all your team members. But you have to set permissions for all your team members. You can create a permission set based on the access you want to allocate to your team members. The below picture is just an example for managing permission sets for different job positions. 



You can always set rosters based on your team’s availability and your team members can update their availability, review their schedule or request for Time-off anytime by logging into the Square Team App. Moreover, you can always track the time your team members start and finish their shifts, and there is so much more you can do by using Square. 

In a nutshell, team management is made so easy with Square for the team manager and for the employees. Everything is sorted out at one place and very detailed, easy to understand. If you get stuck anywhere, you can always reach the support team in Square Dashboard.

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